Quotes Application

Beautiful cross platform quotes application with single shared code base.
Android Preview
iOS Preview
Web Preview

Open Source

Since this application is free and open source, you can refer it or use it in whatever way you want!

Single Code Base

Single code base with maximum code sharing among all the three platforms. This includes code sharing of services, models, view-models, assets, style variables and unit test cases.

Built with Angular and Nativescript

Angular is a powerful framework which can run on many platforms. Nativescript is a framework, by which we can create pure native Android and iOS apps (without web-views) using web technologies. This application is made by combining power of both of these great frameworks.

Styles Using SASS

Styles for all the three platforms are implemented using SASS for better modularity, flexibility and customizability. Just change colors in a single file and colors on all the three platforms will be changed.

Firebase Integration

Firebase integration is done for both web and native platforms to get backend data. This also provides an example of how we can abstract platforms' different firebase implementation and create common service for maximum code sharing.

Save Quotes To Local Device

Feature to save your own and your favourite quotes to local device for all the platorms is implemented. So you will always have your own quotes/favourite quotes with you.